Radiator plant «SAN TEH RAI» is the leading manufacturer of aluminum, bimetallic, and steel panel radiators in Ukraine. The technological processes of the enterprise have been certified in the EU and fully comply with ISO 9001: 2008, and European standard EN442, the uniform standard for all manufacturers of steel panel radiators. More than 30% of the products are shipped to foreign countries.

Our company carries out a full cycle of production of aluminum, bimetallic, and steel panel radiators of out own «MIRADO», «DIVA», «ELEGANCE», «SAN TEH RAI», «SUMMER», «EKVATOR», «TERRA TEKNIK», «RENS», «OVI THERM» trademarks. Production areas of the plant are located in the industrial zone of the port city of Odessa within the area of more than 25,000 m2, and equipped with new Italian and Swiss high-tech equipment with a high degree of work processes automation.

Modern equipment makes it possible to produce heating radiators of «MIRADO», «DIVA», «ELEGANCE», «SAN TEH RAI», «SUMMER», «EKVATOR», «TERRA TEKNIK», «RENS», «OVI THERM» trademarks adhering to high European standards, while keeping an attractive price for our partners and customers all over the world.

At each stage of production, the technical standards applicable in Ukraine and the EU are strictly observed, and product quality control is carried out, ensuring the release of reliable heating radiators with high consumer characteristics.

Our new technological line completely corresponds to similar earlier lines of European manufacturers «KERMI», «KORADO», «PURMO, «BUDERUS», «LIDEA», «PRADO», etc. Steel heating radiators «TERRA TEKNIK», «RENS», «OVI THERM» (type 11, type 22, height – 300, 500, 600 mm) are made of special high-quality cold-rolled steel up to 1.05 mm thick with low carbon content, ccompying with European standards EN 10130 and EN 10131. All works involving welding and assembling of the radiators is carried out on fully automatic Italian lines, providing quality control at all stages of production.

«TERRA TEKNIK», «RENS» and «OVI THERM@ are the first panel heating batteries that have a 2nd coating layer applied by the means of anaphoresis, which significantly extends the service life of the external planes of the radiator compared to other manufacturers. Terra Teknik’s multi-stage radiator coating process provides an aesthetic appearance and good performance. Surfaces have a classical U-shape to increase the heat recovery area. The second coating layer is applied by means of electrostatic spraying of Freilacke powder enamel (made in Germany) in Gema booth (made in Switzerland). Test pressure is 13 bar. Operating pressure is 10 bar. Warranty period of 10 years.

During the production of aluminum and bimetallic radiators, «SAN TEH RAI» pays maximum attention to the environmental safety of its products. Samples of aluminum alloy used in production undergo a mandatory laboratory analysis that determines the chemical composition of incoming elements. All radiators undergo two stages of applying paintwork, using high-quality materials that do not contain formaldehyde resins, heavy metals and other harmful substances that could be released when the device is heated. At each stage of production, strict quality control is carried out – which ensures that the finished product is fully compliant with European standards. Heat transfer of radiators of Mirado, Terra teknik trademarks surpasses many leading manufacturers of sectional and panel radiators. To increase the service life to 15-25 years, and increase the reliability of aluminum radiators, a unique technology for protecting internal surfaces is used.

Today, the «SAN TEH RAI» plant is an important, dominant manufacturer of radiators in its region, and holds a leading position in the Ukrainian market among the world producers of aluminum and bimetallic heating radiators. Applying the most advanced technologies, materials and production standards, which ensure the highest quality of products, the «SAN TEH RAI» plant offers a product that meets the most demanding Ukrainian and European standards, confirming its reliability with a warranty for 15-25 years.

The products of «SAN TEH RAI» are certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000, GOST system, and Technical Regulations of the EEU. An additional guarantee is insurance for 1,000,000 hryvnia.