Thermal testing of radiators

    We care about our customers, improving our technologies, increasing the reliability and quality of the radiators produced. A team of experienced engineers constantly works to improve the performance of our radiators. At the plant, new technical and design solutions are being explored, developed and implemented to obtain optimum thermal characteristics of aluminum and bimetallic radiators and to achieve maximum reliability for safe and long-term operation.
    The quality of heating radiators produced by the plant "San Teh Rai" has long established itself in the market not only in Ukraine but also beyond its borders.

    June 27, 2014, according to the results of the heat engineering tests, radiators of the plant " San Teh Rai " showed high results. Now we can say with confidence that our radiators today are one of the best offers on the market of aluminum and bimetallic radiators.
          Below are some excerpts from the test report: