«KIRAN» Bimetal Radiator


Reliability of steel, lightness of aluminumKIRAN

«KIRAN» bimetal radiators are the product of innovative design of Italian engineers and designers. Their long-term experience was used to create a modern high-profile bimetal radiator.

«KIRAN» bimetal radiators combine high durability, heat output efficiency, and the best factory warranty applicable - 25 years after the installation.

You can estimate the number of sections using our    CALCULATOR

«KIRAN» bimetal radiator combines best performance specifications, appealing exterior, and high comfort. No sharp points, rough edges, or cavities are left. It can be installed as the part of traditional heating systems, as well as the systems that include the heat-storage medium to be used with low-temperature heat generators (heat pumps, etc.). The perfection and attention to detail make this radiator a premium class one, and a serious challenge for all competitors, since «KIRAN» quality immediately noticeable.

Kiran Bimetal RadiatorAdvanced features of «KIRAN» radiator:

  • 160 W heat output is confirmed by lab tests;
  • destructive hydrostatic test passed at the point of more than 90 atm;
  • high heat output capacity and quick convection;
  • novel technology of strengthening inner duct;
  • inside protective coating technology;
  • 8 stages of preparation before the coating application;
  • eco-friendly coating;
  • 5 stages of quality assurance;
  • operational lifetime up to 50 years.

Heat output capacity

1 section of «KIRAN» bimetal radiator with 500 mm c/c distance produces the heat output of 136 W! We realize that the price of 1W of the heat transferred by the radiator is for the customer. «KIRAN» radiators offer an exquisite price to section heat capacity ratio, allowing for more sparing approach, since it will require less installation space (due the total number of sections being lower).


Model «KIRAN»
Operating pressure, atm 30
Proof-test pressure, atm 45
Bursting strength, atm 90
Heat output capacity of 1 section, W 160
pH valu 6,5 – 9
Section volume, l 0,19
Section weight, kg 1,4
Center-to-center distance, mm 500
Section height, mm 550
Section depth, mm 96
Section width, mm 80
Inlet diameter, inch 1"
Color White RAL 9016

- The high-pressure die cast of the radiator is made of AK12M2 aluminum alloy.
- The smoothened cast is made with Italian thread, allowing for section-by-section installation of radiators (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 sections as per customer request). The radiators pass three stages of leak integrity tests before the coating is applied.
- The first coating layer is applied by means of anaphoresis (completely submerging the radiator into the pool filled with coating). The inner and outer surface is covered with oxide coating in advance, thus extending the operational life of the product.
- The second coating layer is applied by means of electrostatic spraying of «Freilacke» powder enamel (made in Germany) in Gema booth (made in Switzerland). The outer coating is applied in compliance with European rules and regulations concerning the environmental safety, and thus is safe for operation, as it doesn’t produce any hazardous substances during its operation.

Calculator for calculating the number of sections:

Radiator model
Power of 1 section, W
Length of the room, m
Width of the room, m
Ceiling height
Type of glazing
Number of external walls
Thermal insulation of walls
Minimum street temperature
Type of premise located above calculated

Installation and operation guidelines

  1. To avoid noise pollution caused by heat-generated expansion of plastic fittings, we urge you to follow the installation guidelines provided in our catalog.
  2. To avoid the issues that can arise due to the corrosion taking place in the systems that include the components made of different metals, we recommend to:
    • check water pH level The recommended pH value: 6.5 - 8
    • use the softener (e.g. Cillit-HS 23 Combi) or another similar product in the quantity of 1 l of softener per 200 l of circulating water (please refer to the manual for other products).
  3. To maximize the efficiency, we recommend installing automatic of manual air vent valves.
  4. To mitigate issues with air being trapped in the system and thus increasing the pressure, we recommend leaving the valves partially open.
  5. In case one or more radiators need to be isolated from the circulation, it’s advisable to install automatic air vent valves on each of them.
  6. To assure the continuous integrity of the coating, it should not be subjected to long periods of moisture attack.
  7. The aluminum could be oxidized even through small cracks in the coating, which could lead to the damaged spots on the surface, and radiator material deterioration.
  8. When cleaning the radiator surface, abrasives should not be used.

The most efficient heat output can be achieved by installing radiator on the following distances from the respective surfaces:

  • no less than 3 cm from the wall;
  • no less than 10 cm from the floor;
  • no less than 10 cm from the window sill.

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