Company philosophy

Our production company “SAN TEH RAI” is special, and it employs special people who take responsibility for the highest quality products that meet European standards (ISO 9001-2015), while also providing the best price on the market. Every employee of our company understands that their actions are aimed at creating a comfortable life for those people who use our goods and services. Our products warm hospitals, kindergartens, schools, businesses and homes. We provide people with comfort and safety. We give a sense of serenity. At times, a very life depends on the quality of our products and the integrity of our actions.

  “SAN TEH RAI” company philosophy is based on three simple principles:

we value the time spent both by our customers and employees;

we love our occupation

we respect other businesses, since we have reliable foundation for growth and development thanks to the entrepreneurial initiative of our partners.

It is important for us that the partner and the client understand: we share their concerns and will do everything possible to help solve the problem in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time. We believe that cooperation is built not only on commercial basis: people are infinitely important, because behind any successful business there is a person who took risks and won. We work for such people: bold, active and dream-following partners.

The mission, vision, strategy and goals of the company, constantly interacting, constitute a strategic plan for its development.
The very core of strategic planning can be reduced to answers to 4 questions:

  • Where are we now?
  • What are we moving towards?
  • How can we achieve it?
  • Can we afford it?

We know the answers to all these questions and therefore have a clear development plan and our success is guaranteed. We believe that it’s better not to do something at all than to do it poorly.
To stay among the leaders, we can’t take things for granted – on the contrary, it is necessary to carefully think over each step and adjust the development strategy, taking into account the interests and needs of customers. Our today’s actions determine the status we have tomorrow, whether we will be able to continue ensuring the high quality of the goods produced and the impeccable service, meeting any changes with enthusiasm and eagerness.

«SAN TEH RAI» mission is the satisfaction of the individual needs of each person who participates in the production, implementation, installation and use of our products. We strive to provide our employees with all financial and social benefits, our commercial partners – with quality innovative products at an affordable price, all our consumers – with goods that will serve many years and give them warmth and comfort!
Our goal is taking leading positions in the market of panel, aluminum, and bimetallic radiator manufacturers in Ukraine, Europe, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries through effective process management, the introduction of new production lines and technologies, and the constantly growing professionalism of each employee.
It is always very important for «SAN TEH RAI» company to fulfill our obligations. We value our reputation and do not compromise our principles. We believe that the reliability and fulfillment of these obligations plays a very important role, and for us it is of fundamental importance that «SAN TEH RAI» is a considered a reliable partner.