European quality

…about quality…

The basic principle of «SAN TEH RAI» company’s work is the quality of the services provided. After all, the quality of work is a sign of reliability, and nothing else. Out production unit is equipped with automatic lines, and is currently unique to Ukraine.

High quality products are manufactured using the latest technology from leading manufacturers, a quality control system at each stage of production (from molten metal to factory packaging), the highest qualification of personnel, strict compliance with applicable standards (DSTU). The company is certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001.

…and durability…

«SAN TEH RAI» is the first and only Ukrainian manufacturer that offers sections of radiators (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 sections) in the manufacturer-provided package that allows installing the radiator without removing the package, while protecting the radiator during the finishing work.

The coating durability is ensured by its two-layer application, where the first layer is applied by means of anaphoresis, the second one is powder coating. Inner and outer surfaces are covered with oxide coating in advance, thus extending the operational life of the product to 30 years and above.

…about heating costs…

State Enterprise “Ukrainian Research Institute of Special Construction Works”, which operates on the basis of the Charter of the State Enterprise has performed tests of radiators for measuring their thermal capacity as per the contract No. 84/11 of 11.07.2011 signed with «SAN TEH RAI». And now our radiators are followed by the recorded positive result on the claimed heat engineering characteristics. The thermal output capacity of our radiators is 205 W!

What is the importance, you may ask. First of all, it should be noted that not every manufacturer tests their radiators, since radiator testing is a complex process that requires special equipment and premises with certain conditions. At the same time, radiators are not subject to mandatory certification; therefore many manufacturers allow themselves to overstate the real technical characteristics of the radiator provided in the technical documentation, heat transfer capacity in particular.

We realize that the price of 1W of the heat transferred by the radiator is important for the customer. This cost can be calculated as follows:

Radiator cost/ Radiator heat output capacity = ? $ for 1 W of the heat transferred.
For example, to heat a room with an area of 30 m² you need to put 15 sections (with a heat head Θ 70) * a Mirado radiator costing 8 $ per section. Hence, in this instance 1 W of heat costs: 8/205 = 0,039$. At the same time, buying cheaper radiators with less heat output will not allow you to save money – you will need more sections, which, in addition, will require more space. Moreover, «MIRADO», «DIVA», «ELEGANCE», «SAN TEH RAI», «SUMMER», «EKVATOR», «TERRA TEKNIK», «RENS», «OVI THERM» trademark radiators are 30-40% cheaper than radiators made in Europe, while the weight, heat factor and painting quality are similar! This is the case when the loyalty to home product is rewarded.

…about responsibility…

Along with the long-term quality guarantee for the MIRADO, DIVA, ELEGANCE, SANTEHRAI, SUMMER, EKVATOR, TERRA TEKNIK, RENS, OVI THERM trademark radiators (you get a guarantee and insurance policy for EVERY radiator after the purchase) we provide highly qualified advice, convenient working hours, a flexible system of discounts, an individual approach to each order, and complete the orders within the shortest terms.

We care about our customers. That’s why we hold training seminars for erecting personnel. Every worker that completed the training is awarded with a certificate confirming his qualifications, guaranteeing the highest level of customer service. After all, the installation of equipment is no less important than the equipment itself.

The radiators are designed taking into account the latest industrial practices, it is aesthetic and attractive, it will fit easily into any interior, so there is no need to cover it with curtains or a decorative screen. It is worth a special mention that absolutely all the radiators manufactured by «SAN TEH RAI» are insured by the «PZU Ukraine» company from harm to life, health or property of consumers arising from shortcomings in products.

We do our best so that you get the maximum of positive qualities with minimum costs.
We give you the warmth of your home – the warmth to which you return.
The warmest radiators are forever – this is true for everyone!